Who are we?

We are a design, management and consultancy network of enthusiastic freelancers based on the internet.

We learn, understand and implement details in practically making your ideas visually communicable through stunning web design, graphics, potential ads, organized management and strategized consultancy. We use smart, integrated and modern tools which help us reduce the opacity between the needed technicalities and you.

We cautiously make no mistake in treating your project as our very own brainchild and work with you in full-filling every rightful satisfaction you deserve.

What we goal?

Businesses are moving online quickly as consumers are trusting and depending more on the internet. The Internet is full of opportunities but crowded. The services seems costly and confusing – therefore small and medium size businesses are left behind except for the very, very handful ones.

We offer businesses, marts and individuals a definite and affordable standard in the internet space. We aim to give these businesses and individuals a digital identity that has become a must in order to satisfy consumer ease and demands.

Why are we affordable?

We planned our pricing for every type of businesses – may it be individuals, small local businesses or medium sized corporates and agencies.

For that matter customizing a budget that each one of our clients can rely and afford becomes our first priority after the value we provide in quality. We believe in reasoning our prices and making it as much as affordable it can be made without compromising a tiny bit in our product, service and support quality.

Why are our clients happy?

We go through various wire-framings, revisions, projectable strategies, multiple feedbacks and then deploy the final project. Our client’s golden trust is an asset to us that cannot be compromised at any cost! We make sure to give them back cent-per-cent of their worthy satisfaction in return to the time that they are sharing with us.

At iEYe, we deliver gratification in service and communication. We make sure to focus on building relationships with all our clients and customers, instead of just closing the deals.

Want to digitalize your business?

Let's talk about building a Complete and Affordable digital solution for your business today.